Was born in East Norriton, Pa.
He has one younger brother and both are 100% Italian.
He grew up Catholic.
Went to Sarycuse in New York. (got accepted to Columbia)
He majored in broadcasting/journalism and political science.
Won best broadcaster of his class.( I have to brag because he is my husband)
Became a superstar news reporter.  He then got introduced to the Mormon church (LDS)
He gave it a try. Liked it. Baptized.
He is now Mormon. (duh)
Moved back to his home town...
The rest is history ..
(this is where I come into the picture)

Youngest of 6. 1 boy then 5 girls.
Born in California, moved to Texas (moved 14x in 8't true)
Finally moved to Utah (gross)
Went to beauty school.
Stopped going to the Mormon church.
Became a nanny in Philadelphia.
Began going back to the Mormon church.:)
Read the Book of Mormon for the first time.
Went on a mission to Ribeirao Preto, Brazil for 1 1/2 yrs.
Went back to Utah for 5 weeks (gross, again)
Hated it (duh)
Moved back to Philadelphia..
met Dave!
Now, the rest really is history.

Ok, ok..we live together now.
I am, still a nanny, hair "artist", wife and whatever else.
Dave is an amazingly talented writer, editor, video maker, reporter, husband and whatever else.

That's us.