Thursday, August 27, 2015


Ok.. Another dominic post. Lol oh well..

I decided to just give Dom what we eat. I wasn't very good at giving Dri solids and promised myself I would do better this time around. I'm pretty proud of myself. Dom eats 3 meals a day with us. :) 

I have really enjoyed making healthy food for him and Dri. I've gotten pretty good at hiding veggies and not using as much Flour or sodium in our diet.  So even though yes Dom eats solids now Dri is eating better too.:) 

Here is an example of what Dom (and Dri too) eats:

Breakfast: sugarless blueberry muffins, flourless and sugarless waffles.. I use fage yogurt, oats, eggs and add in spinach and blueberries, whole wheat waffle, eggs, bananas, oatmeal or purées food pouch 

Lunch: leftovers from dinner, food pouch (his fav is carrots, squash or broccoli), grilled cheese or quesidillas (yup not the best)

Dinner: whatever we eat. He loves pasta, broccoli, carrots and any veggie for that matter.  Also offer him a squeezy. 

He's such a good eater. I can't believe it. 


Oh man, it's amazing how being a second time mom I know feel like I know everything. Haha I never knew when Dri was teething. She never complained.. I could never tell by her gums either. 

Well Dom this kid is completely different. Weeks prior to his first tooth breaking through he was a mess. He wasn't sleeping well. Wouldn't nap well. Would wake up just screaming every 30 min - 1 hour. He was not happy! Poor thing. I gave him some teething tablets and those only would do so much. I also have him TYLENOL and that helped a little. Anyways.. 

At his 6 month appt I asked the dr if she thought he was teething.. She was like nope! Ok then. In my head I knew she was wrong. So 3 weeks later we had a few awful days and I saw a silver line. J thought ok he's gonna get one like tomorrow. I showed some friends and they were like well it may be a few more weeks still. I was like NOOOO. So I just kept checking obsessively.. And guess what 2 days later his tooth came in!! (July 2 ish).. Which is weird bc Dri got her first tooth July 4.. But was also almost 10 months old. I couldn't believe I was actually right and o knew it!! It was a few weeks later when he got his second bottom tooth. 

Now he is working on his two top!! 

Tonnie visits and 4th of July

We love when Tonnie comes to visit. She is seriously so much fun and always gets me to do something that ends up helping my anxiety. Lol last year it was leaving Dri for an entire day with Dave while we went to nyc and this year it was taking day trips with Dominic. Way to go Tonnie. Lol:)

While she was here we went to Hershey park, KOP mall, and hung out!

 She spent the 4th here and we had fun! Some of we friends moved to a town close to us so they came to hang out. 

4th of july

Hersheys World!!!
Got our penny!!!


Thursday, August 20, 2015


I can't believe it's already August! Summer is seriously going by so fast. 

We have had lots of fun and been staying very busy. We have a pretty good routine down. My kids oh I mean my baby is all about s routine. You throw him off and he is not the happiest but he still smiles.:) 

We've been going to our local ymca to swim almost everyday. The days we don't go we go to story time or run errands. It definitely has been wearing the kids out. 

Dri has gotten so good at swimming (with the life jacket on, of course). She kicks her feet and moves her arms real good! She also loves jumping off the side of the pool into the pool.. Over and over again. 

Dom is a rascal and loves the water. He crawls all over the place. He wants to just dive in... Without a life jacket! He is so dangerous. Lol Don't worry he wears a life jacket if we go in the deep end..'otherwise I keep one hand on him
At all times.

Here's a few pics of our summer so far... 

Playing the piano and guitar together. so cute

Wearing the new outfits that the Bednooffs gave them. 
It was a baby wearing kind of day.:)
Costco while cousin Tonnie was here. We had fun trying on these hats.. the funny thing is my mom sent them to us a few weeks later without knowing we had even tried them on.
Dri looking very grown up in her new swimsuit

Dom being all cute and innocent...hahahah he isn't. 
YAY!! Her shopkins came. 
our nightly walk
worn out. 

We go to the beach next week!! So exciting!! 


Poor Dave has a work trip every Father's Day so he wasn't here to celebrate.:( He was in Canada.. which is a bummer because he is a one of a kind dad.

Anways, my mil was so nice and came and stayed with us... My fil stayed with us as well the first night. 

We went to the carnival, went to story time, the pool, ran errands, went to the playground and went on lots of walks. 

One of the days we went to target.. That was fun! Dri talked mom mom into buying quite a bit of toys for her. And one "big thing" that I said no to.. Dri kept on and on about it once we got home and mom mom went back and bought it for her. Dri is spoiled. lol she is hard to say no to. 

I loved being able to shower and do things without worrying about the kids.

It was nice having another mom in the house.. She just did things without me asking! And the kids loved having her around. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Play-do.. Duh!

Dri is OBSESSED with play do. We went to target to buy her some more.. She picked out a 20 dollar kit. Lol I was like Dri you need to call daddy and ask him if it's ok. So she calls Dave and says.. "Daddy I buy play-do? It's 20 bucks." Dave was like how can I say no? So now she has a ton of it. And Dave still has a hard time saying no! 

Anyways, she's spent hours playing with it. It's been really good for her! 


Dri is seriously at the funnest age! We found a local carnival and decided to give it a try. Let's just say Dri loves it! It was soooo cute watching her enjoy and love the rides. She kept begging for more! 

Dave left the next day for Canada and his parents stayed with us -- so we got them to come along for another evening at the carnival! Mom mom even went on some of the rides with her! 

She had so much fun we knew we had to take her to more! Luckily, our town had one last week! Yay! So we went to that and maddie (dris bestie) came along! It was super cute watching the two of them together. It's so much more fun for Dri when she has a friend with her. 

We decided we need to go to a local amusement park. Let's see how that goes.