Thursday, August 20, 2015


Poor Dave has a work trip every Father's Day so he wasn't here to celebrate.:( He was in Canada.. which is a bummer because he is a one of a kind dad.

Anways, my mil was so nice and came and stayed with us... My fil stayed with us as well the first night. 

We went to the carnival, went to story time, the pool, ran errands, went to the playground and went on lots of walks. 

One of the days we went to target.. That was fun! Dri talked mom mom into buying quite a bit of toys for her. And one "big thing" that I said no to.. Dri kept on and on about it once we got home and mom mom went back and bought it for her. Dri is spoiled. lol she is hard to say no to. 

I loved being able to shower and do things without worrying about the kids.

It was nice having another mom in the house.. She just did things without me asking! And the kids loved having her around. 

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