Thursday, August 20, 2015


I can't believe it's already August! Summer is seriously going by so fast. 

We have had lots of fun and been staying very busy. We have a pretty good routine down. My kids oh I mean my baby is all about s routine. You throw him off and he is not the happiest but he still smiles.:) 

We've been going to our local ymca to swim almost everyday. The days we don't go we go to story time or run errands. It definitely has been wearing the kids out. 

Dri has gotten so good at swimming (with the life jacket on, of course). She kicks her feet and moves her arms real good! She also loves jumping off the side of the pool into the pool.. Over and over again. 

Dom is a rascal and loves the water. He crawls all over the place. He wants to just dive in... Without a life jacket! He is so dangerous. Lol Don't worry he wears a life jacket if we go in the deep end..'otherwise I keep one hand on him
At all times.

Here's a few pics of our summer so far... 

Playing the piano and guitar together. so cute

Wearing the new outfits that the Bednooffs gave them. 
It was a baby wearing kind of day.:)
Costco while cousin Tonnie was here. We had fun trying on these hats.. the funny thing is my mom sent them to us a few weeks later without knowing we had even tried them on.
Dri looking very grown up in her new swimsuit

Dom being all cute and innocent...hahahah he isn't. 
YAY!! Her shopkins came. 
our nightly walk
worn out. 

We go to the beach next week!! So exciting!! 

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