Thursday, August 27, 2015


Oh man, it's amazing how being a second time mom I know feel like I know everything. Haha I never knew when Dri was teething. She never complained.. I could never tell by her gums either. 

Well Dom this kid is completely different. Weeks prior to his first tooth breaking through he was a mess. He wasn't sleeping well. Wouldn't nap well. Would wake up just screaming every 30 min - 1 hour. He was not happy! Poor thing. I gave him some teething tablets and those only would do so much. I also have him TYLENOL and that helped a little. Anyways.. 

At his 6 month appt I asked the dr if she thought he was teething.. She was like nope! Ok then. In my head I knew she was wrong. So 3 weeks later we had a few awful days and I saw a silver line. J thought ok he's gonna get one like tomorrow. I showed some friends and they were like well it may be a few more weeks still. I was like NOOOO. So I just kept checking obsessively.. And guess what 2 days later his tooth came in!! (July 2 ish).. Which is weird bc Dri got her first tooth July 4.. But was also almost 10 months old. I couldn't believe I was actually right and o knew it!! It was a few weeks later when he got his second bottom tooth. 

Now he is working on his two top!! 

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