Sunday, November 21, 2010


Hakuna Matata what a wonderful phrase! We were able to go to New York, go to the temple, get lost in a park (Dave's fault), have a weird taxi driver, Lion King, and a great dinner...the only worry-free part of the day was the train ride to and from NYC! We had such a long and busy day trying to get from one place to another with a few wrong addresses did not make a problem free day! We had such a blast!
We started the day off by going to the temple!

After the temple, we took a walk to Times Square, enjoyed the nice weather, and then hopped on the subway so we could get to The Lion King about an hour early...I like to be early so I can have time to go to the ladies room and relax ...well that did not happen! We got to 1515 Broadway..the address that Dave thought was correct and nothing! We walked around for a good hour looking for an address that did not exsist! We asked people and even lost each other in the middle of  Union Square..thank goodness for cell phones! I looked up the address on my phone because I was sick of walking and looking around and found that the address was really at Times Square!! Ha ha we were there the whole time! Nothing like being 30 minutes late to a Broadway show!

After The Lion King, we enjoyed a nice dinner at an authentic French restaurant.  At first I did not think it was a good choice and did not love the menu.  I am not a huge meat-lover or seafood kinda gal...I like my veggies...Dave on the other hand loves seafood and they had great options. He got bouillabaisse (seafood stew) and I got a veggie crepe! The food was great and we would recommend it!

Before our night was over, we stopped to have our picture drawn by a street artist! We don't think it really looks like us but sure made us laugh! What do you think?

Our day may not have been problem-free but, why worry? Hakuna Matata what a wonderful phrase! HAKUNA MATATA


  1. How fun! I want to go to New York so bad. Dan doesn't share my dream of traveling there though. Your so lucky that you live a train ride away so you can go on day trips.

  2. Wow, what a great day in New York and good memories. Gotta love NY street art. It sorta looks like you...if you squint! Ellen