Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Date Night.

Well who would have guessed that getting married turns cool, fun and adventurous people into a bunch of LAME-O'S?  We sure as heck didn't.. Since we have been married (5 months) we rarely go on "dates"...I have become such a homebody and like staying inside and RELAXING.  One of our New Year's resloutions was to go out on more dates..or just go out!

Last Friday came along and I had been stuck in the house all day and on the couch, studying (I actually had to keep rotating the couch cushions because they kept sagging and forming to my buttocks) and with some serious A.D.D. , wanting to get up and jump around and breathe some fresh air...then Dave called and suggested that we go to eat at Chipotle...which I love because I am from Utah and we like Mexican food, then go to Dave and Buster's!  D & B is like a grown up Chuck E. Cheese's and more! I felt like a kid again, although Dave says I act like I am five everyday. We were running around from game to game and had so much fun! We are excited to return and next time we may wear our sneakers so we can run faster and win more tickets!

I hope you are loving my green gum just as much as I did.

Right before they counted our big whopping 800 tickets
I say whopping because I took the kids to D & B today and we got 1600 tickets

Only one off from winning 1000 tickets...It was our favorite game though!

P.S. We made it home just before out curfew of 10:30 pm and made it to bed by 11! Aren't  we so cool?

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  1. Oh we LOVE Dave & Busters! I am a Skee Ball fan myself, and I could seriously live there! Milt and I went twice in a week last year - once with the kids and once without them and it was way more fun when we were alone! But I have to say, we didn't get nearly as many tickets as you guys did. You'll have to give us your secret!