Monday, February 28, 2011


February Highlights...

Went to a Penn basketball game
Nanette continues to study for test
Dave becomes Promoman
Nanette speaks in church
Valentines Day...

I was such a loser and didn't want to do anything on Valentine's Day but the husband talked me into going to dinner. We went to a cute Italian restaurant (surprise)...

Dave went to Dallas on a business trip and Nanette tagged along to visit her sister...

Went out in Dallas...they gave us this bread as an appetizer and we should have had them bring four out from the beginning because we all almost ate a full loaf it was so good..ha ha

 We had a great time and were stuffed!

It was great to see family, 2 sisters at once, and nieces and nephew!

Elyse was cheesing it!

I had to show off Promoman..Dave ended up doing live shots dressed like this on channel 8 morning news in Dallas...

Our friend, Audrey from Canada came to visit..

...we of course went out to eat!
...and yes, I chopped my hair.
We ended the month with a very long but great Sunday that went something like this...
Dave woke up at 5:30, left at 6:15 for P.E.C., Nanette woke up at 7:30, church at 9, Dave spoke in our ward, then in the ward after us, we got home at 12:30, left at 1,went downtown to singles ward, Dave taught lesson in Elders Quorum, Nanette just went along (once again), left at 5 and went to stake center and both spoke at a fireside for single adults at 7, got home at 9:15 and passed out!

February has been such a busy month for us and we have literally not even had time to grocery shop and have been eating oatmeal for dinner!
Hope you all had a great and healthy month!

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  1. I love your hair if anything you look way younger! Sexy Sexy ;)