Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chicago bound.

Dave has been in Chicago all week...

I thought it was getting easier having him travel so much. I was wrong.
I miss Dave so much everytime he goes away. 
I get bored, lonely and scared.
I miss having him here with me at night.
I miss our long conversations.
I miss his hugs and kisses.
I miss his cooking.:)
I miss waking up next to him...but not his heavy breathing. :)
I miss watching our shows together.
I just miss him!

I did something really stupid and decided to watch the news last night. Not a good idea. All it did was scare me! Gosh, rapes and murders all within 3 miles of my house..lets just say I slept prepared! I hate that he travels all the time!
I am happy to see Dave today and to feel his comort. He is everything to me.


  1. There was a murder within 3 miles of your place? Scary! I must have missed that one on the news, and it's probably a good thing. I never get used to Milt not being home at night -- I just am too good at scaring myself. You can always call here if you are freaked out - I am very good at explaining the statistical probablity that you'll be fine. ;) But I'm glad Dave'll be back soon for you!

  2. But most of all you miss me right.....

  3. Shanelle, I always miss you! Duh! That is a given. Why do you think I call you so much?