Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My husband is just too nice

Dave surprised me with a quick weekend trip to the shore.....it was to celebrate me actually finishing all my tests and passing them. Like I said before, I never thought I would get licensed out here.
He picked me up from work and surprised me even more...
with some flowers...

and a dress that I fell in love with...

This dress is perfect for me because I will dress up for a salon but not wear wedges or heels (due to my foot problem) and all I wear these days are my tom's...and they will look good with this!

We had fun. I will post pics later!

I am thinking that I make Dave look really good on here...hope people don't think I am a crappy wife.  I promise I do things for him too but he is not the one who writes on this blog! ha ha
If you don't believe we can have Dave make a blog post that is all about me..

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