Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dri Dri

everyone said she was going to have the hardest time adjusting to having a baby brother. like EVERYONE. Dri was very attached to me. we did everything together. We had our own little routine. we went to the gym in the mornings, ran an errand, had lunch , had a nap (usually together), hung out, had dinner, bathed, barney and yogurt, stories, then i would put her to bed. 

when dom was born...that all changed! I tried having dri still sleep with me but i wasn't sleeping! between feeding dom every few hours and making sure he was quiet and did not wake dri it just wasn't happening. so we decided to move her to our 4th bedroom. Dave moved in with her. the first day was a little hard..more on me than her. she was fine though. now she absolutely LOVES going to bed with dave. Dave went out of town a few weeks ago and dri had to sleep with me and dom and she cried! she even woke up in her sleep crying for dave. 

dri has been patient. she loves dom so so much. first thing she says when she wakes (besides Iya see mommy) is I-ya see Dom. she comes in and gives him kisses and hugs. when dom is fussy and i can't get to him.. she grabs his paci and shoves it in his mouth. one time he was in the rock n play and a little fussy.. i was going to the bathroom and i hear dri say shhh shhh shh and shoving the paci in his mouth and rocking him back and forth. next thing ya know dom stopped! dri came running to me saying dom stop crying. so cute

another thing .. is dri loves helping with the bath. i give both kids a bath together, then wrap them both up and put them on one big towel. they hold hands while i shower. it is ADORABLE. 

Dri includes dom in everything we do.. like she gives him a puzzle piece if we are doing a puzzle, or a lego if we are doing legos. its hilarious. we also read together and read to dom. 

 Dri hasn't acted out at all. in fact she has been better since dom was born.. don't get me wrong she has always been a joy to be around but she is even more of a joy now. i never thought it would be this cute to see siblings together. we seriously lucked out! 

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