Sunday, January 18, 2015

i survived

Dave went out of town a few weeks ago.. and i survived with TWO kids on my own. originally shanelle was suppose to come help me but she could not get on a flight. in a way it sorta worked out and i am grateful that i had the opportunity to prove to myself that i can do it. 

dominic had his one month dr appt and we had to go to target afterwards. i actually was fine doing all that and nursing in public by myself! 

it was a long day but we did it. . and they crashed on me. look how cute it is that dom is holding dris hand. 

dom was super fussy the entire time dave was away.. which made bedtime hard. we added a twin mattress to my king and dri slept there. she ended up watching barney on the iPad to go to sleep because dom was so fussy. she fell asleep around 11 every night. AHHHH but we lived. 

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