Thursday, April 9, 2015

Nap time / Dom routine

I am so happy! I finally have Dom in a routine! I don't think I ever really had one with Dri. But, he needs one. I need him to have one. Dri needs him to have one too. It has made our lives easier. 

He has is morning nap in the ergo.. I am able to make myself my smoothie and then play with Dri. We go on a walk and if nice enough the playground too. It is so good to have that time with just her and I. Then we have about an hour after Dom wakes before lunch. We go get a drink or hang out. After lunch we all go upstairs and the kids snuggle with me (Dom nurses) and they fall asleep usually within 15 minutes. 

I love snuggling with them. It has been a good bonding experience for us. I think of all the things I "could" be doing.. But the thing I want to do most is just be with my kids. This moment won't last forever .. Besides, the stuff I "could" do, I try and do with Dri or when daves around. 

Once they wake, we get a snack and go on a walk around the trail and to the playground. Dom usually takes another nap around this time.. Again, in the ergo. Then we come back home, eat dinner,have baths, play a little, read books and bed! 

It's working out! 

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