Sunday, January 2, 2011


 Dave and I were so excited to go see the DC Temple lights.  It was the first time both of us went to the DC Temple around Christmas, and it was the most perfect day. It started off with us doing sealings in the temple.  This was special for us because we were able to be reminded of our own sealing day that was just a few months ago. As we finished and walked out of the temple the lights were simply breathtaking.....

We had originally planned on going one week later than we did, but with conflicts we changed our plans literally the Thursday before. Saturday morning I woke up at 6: (I'm a kid and don't sleep in) and randomly got on Facebook.  I noticed that my sister was flying into DC and going to be there for the weekend. This sister is my dad's daughter from a previous marriage and I never knew she existsted until I was 15. I had only seen her once in my life.  I quickly messaged her hopeful that she would somehow see it and respond and call me so we could met up with her for dinner after the temple... she soon called me and we made arrangements to ge together.  It was such a cool day.  We are grateful for our testimonies and for unexpected blessings!


  1. You are such a kid and not just because you can't sleep in! he he Love ya.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Glad you got to go!!

  3. What a great blog! I love your recap of all your adventures. And your picture of you two from the street artist is so fun! I'm glad you put pictures of the lights at the temple up. We didn't make it down and they are beautiful!