Saturday, January 22, 2011


This year Dave will be traveling once a month for his first I was a little sad about this and totally bummed.  Then, I started thinking about it and realized that is was actually going to be a good see, when Dave is around it is a bit challenging to get things done and have time to relax...he likes to GO GO GO and shop til ya drop. I have become quite the homeody since we have been married and LOVE being now I look forward to his business trips and I even get to join him on a few! So, here are some of the things I get to enjoy doing while he is gone....

Studying...I have to take the state boards to be a  licensed cosmetologist in PA even though I have been one for 7 years in Utah.

Baking brownies, so I can eat them while I study!!

I can workout for however long I want with no interruptions! I get to burn off the brownies at the same time!

 I can play the piano and sing ( I sing horribly) whatever and however loud I feel like it!!! I love it! We just added this new addition to our home 1 month ago and I don't get to enjoy it enough!

Don't tell Dave, but I think I'll do some shopping by myself and I may just get my nails and eyebrows done too!

Even though I like having quality "me" time, I still miss my man! BTW- I thought this was funny..he is gone for 4 days and checked 3 bags! Love him!



  1. Wow... We love you piano it is gorgeous! James says he would kill so beware!

  2. What a great post! I totally agree on the me time thing though, and if you get lonely you can always give us a call and come over and BRING US SOME BROWNIES. I'm such a good friend, aren't I?

    And I'm laughing about Dave checking 3 bags. Milt and I just went on an overnight to DC for the temple, and I brough one pair of sensible shoes (cute flats) that I could wear with pants or a skirt. Milt, on the other hand, had brought FOUR pairs! It was for 24 hours! I was cracking up since he only has like 6 pairs of shoes total, and I have like 40! Apparently he wasn't sure what shoes he'd be needing, so he came prepared. Men! Seriously, what can you do?

  3. I love the piano! its funny that you are excited for dave to travel. Dan used to travel and when he would come home I would love it for a couple days and then I would always ask when he was leaving again so I could get back to my schedule! lol