Friday, March 25, 2011

The story of us...

Two years ago this handsome man showed up on my doorstep...
I was trying to ditch him for a couple months because I knew he was interested in me...
...and I was not interested in him.
I was surprised...
I thought he looked good, and suddenly became interested.
He gave me a birthday present.
I asked him out...
He said no..
He asked me out..
I said yes.
We went on a romantic first date.
I was suddenly very interested.
We dated.

I liked him.
He liked me.
we broke up.
I was sad.
Really sad.
So was he.
We tried again...
fell madly in love
He proposed.
 I, of course said yes.
So, we got married.
We love each other.
I am glad he came to my doorstep three years ago today.


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