Thursday, April 21, 2011


This is where Dave will be going in a few short days...
Sounds cool right?
Most people would be so excited to go...I mean it is like a free trip.
Dave is not excited at all. He has been having nightmares about it. He hates to fly and is scared to death of the language barrier.  Two others from his company are also going but on different flights and will be in different parts of China. Dave is going to research and write a story.  He also needs to be his own camera man and carry a 30,000 dollar camera with him everywhere he goes. This kind of stuff does not freak me out at all..but poor Dave!
I guess this is what you get for being such a talented writer and reporter right?
 Let's hope he survives.
We considered me going with him but I decided against it. I would have gotten bored and have no desire to ever go to China and would rather go to Italy to do geneology (that is my excuse for one day when we do go) so pictures will be just fine.  I am so excited for him even if he's not!

Does anyone have any words of encouragement for Dave? If so, please share! Anything will help him at this point.

Ps..Yay for skype because we will be doing lots of it next week!

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  1. What a cool experience! Dave you will be ok. I had to fly to Greece alone one time and had to change planes 3 times. I was so worried along the way that this little American girl would miss a flight or get mugged, but people were so sweet and friendly to me. It was a really good experience. Have fun and good luck!