Monday, April 18, 2011

Sometimes All You Need Is...

Ice Cream

All last week we researchd cameras and grills.  We even went out and looked around and still had not figured out exactly what we wanted and what was best for us.
We decided that Friday night we would go and make our purhases. Well things did not go as planned.
It was like everywhere we went nothing was working out. They either didn't have what we wanted in stock, it was discontinued or they were closed.  At this point we decided to screw it and get some yummy ice cream to make our night better!
There is nothing like a hot fudge sunday from Zwhalens.
They seriously have the best ice cream in the world and lots of yummy chocolates too...
You should try it sometime!
So the point of the story is that sometimes like I have said before you have to just go with it and sometimes all you really need is some Zwalens ice cream.

We did end up getting a camera on Saturday and are very happy with our purchase. We are hopeful to find a grill this week before Dave leaves for China.


  1. AMEN! Except for me instead of "sometimes" it's more like "always." I'm glad you finally got your camera though! Is Dave taking it to China?

  2. No, Dave is not taking it! He losses stuff easily so we are not taking chances! We still need to figure out how to use it! Lol