Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's Hockey Time.

If you know my husband...
you know how much he loves SPORTS!
Wish I could say the same about myself...
The only thing you will see me watching on TV is baseball..I love our team...the Phillies!
As for Dave he would watch it all day long...
Last year he got tickets for a Flyers playoff hockey game...

I know I look so cute..wearing a sweatshirt while Dave is seriously overdressed in a button-down serioulsy who dresses up for a hockey game? Ok..ok..we both came from work..I dress comfy and he dresses nice.

Let's just say it is much more interesting in person ...also when the lady next to you gets hit in the head with a hockey puck..luckily it wasn't me.
So what do you think my handsome hubby is doing at this very moment?
Watching the Stanley Cup playoffs first round..
and cheering for his..oh I guess "our" favorite team..

Let's go Flyers! I am kind of hoping they lose so I can have Dave back and watch my girlie shows!

1 comment:

  1. If he ever has tickets he wants to get rid of, or needs a guy friend to go with--have him call Bob! The FLYERS are his favorite Philly team (and he loves them all).