Sunday, April 10, 2011

Just Go With It..

We, or should I say..Dave got some free movie tickets..YAY! I say yay because we don't spend money on the movies all that we were pretty excited about this. We narrowed down our choices and of course we decided to see the "chick flick"...Just Go With It.  Dave won't admit that he liked it..but I know he did because he was laghing the entire time.

Just Go With It

Anyways..I won't ruin it for you but they say the phrase just go with it a lot...meaning like just go with the flow and let it be...well this has become our favorite phrase now.
If the kitchen is a mess...just go with it.
If we have a lot to do but want to sleep...just go with it.
If we know we shouldn't eat anymore ice cream but really want more...just go with it.
If we want to skip out on the gym..just go with it.
Ok..I think we sound lazy but hey just go with it.
I am hoping this phrase stops soon otherwise we may need some serious help cleaning the house and getting us out of bed.
By the way- if you haven't noticed yet, we liked the movie!


  1. Nanette, you are so funny! I can actually hear you saying this. Dan and I liked this movie too.

  2. oh, ha ha. Well, Dave is like seriously just now saying he didn't like it...i dont think he wants people knowing that he watches and laughs at chick

  3. Dan watched it with out me. He thought the coconut part was the funniest. There is plenty of gross boy humor in the movie to make the love story part less girlie. So no worries Dave!

  4. It's good to hear that you liked it. I wondered about it because with Adam Sandler, the chances of Milt liking it go up. Maybe we'll try it! Thanks!

  5. Too funny. It sounds like a good movie and I love the phrase. I think I'm going to adopt it. At least then I will have an excuse for why my life is in such chaos!;)