Monday, April 4, 2011

I Was Really In The Mood To...

RUN today.  It was beautiful and warm out. I wanted to be outside, not stuck in the gross gym..especially when their pool has been closed for almost a week.
  I hurt my foot pretty bad about 1 1/2 yrs ago.  I have something called Plantar fasciitis. I realized I had this when I ran a half marathon 2 years ago and when I was training for the Philadephia full marathon...but I kept going. By the time I would get to mile 4 my foot would go numb..then I then I could run pain free and push myself to complete my mileage. Well..that was a dumb thing to do. It made it worst. It hurt so bad that I couldn't walk in the morning. I would crawl and sit on the stairs and slide was kinda funny though.  Well, I ended up deciding  2 days before the marathon not to do it. It is a good thing I didn't becuase I had a small break in my foot plus Plantar fasciitis! DUH!....I got some cortisone shots and now have the real orthodics..I am still waiting for it to get better..

 These are a couple of pics of the Baltimore half..I can't find any pics of me and the actual hotel will have to do..

Now, I bike and swim. I actually love swimming ...well lets be honest..I love it minus the swim cap..I have a huge face so imagine me with a swim cap on..ha ha ..I look lke a pink pumpkin...
I wanted to swim today but the pool has been closed because the heater broke..I was really sad...So I have been stuck biking and doing Jillian Michaels 6 pack in 6 weeks and dreaming of being outside, feeling the breeze while I run.
So, even though I was in the mood to run and tried to convince Dave that I could run and actually got on the tredmill and tried to run...I am glad I didn't.  This just means I am one step closer to actually not being in pain and being allowed to run!


  1. Oh, that totally stinks, and is so discouraging! I love to run, but every time I start training to do a half marathon again (I did one eons ago), I hurt myself so badly that I can't run for months either. I hate it! It makes me feel so old, so I've just decided to take it easy and just enjoy running, rather than "training." But I think it's awesome that you swim! What a great workout!

  2. Nannette, take care of yourself. You are so close to being better - don't mess it up! Plus I am wanting to go running with you. Maybe by the time you are better I will be able to run 1 mile nonstop ;)