Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More Of Our Beach Day...

Living in the Philadelphia area leaves a few options for different beaches...I guess I should say..shores.
We have the Jersey shore about an hour away...and we have Rehoboth which is about 2 hours away.
We love Rehoboth, so we go the extra!

It is such a beautiful and clean beach. It is a small and quaint town. It has lots of  cute little boutiques and shops....I am still thinking about them!

We wanted to rent bikes but I was being "moody" so instead we walked around town.
It was actually a load of fun. 

Just so you know..I looked like a massive dork because my stupid foot was hurting so badly from wearing flip flops instead of my sneakers with orthotics..I had to put my sneakers on! Really.who does that? Who wears sneakers...at the beach... with a swimsuit? 

I am so stylish!

We left Rehoboth sad to leave but excited to return! We are so grateful that we live so close...especially on hot and humid days! I am seriously hoping it cools down soon!

1 comment:

  1. I like Rehoboth too, I just wasn't sure it was worth it to drive the extra hour, but I'm glad I have your endorsement.
    BTW You look cute no matter what shoes you have on!