Monday, June 6, 2011

Going Back To Brasil....Philly Style!

In Northeast Philadelphia there is like one street that is basically a Brasilian street. It has a bunch of places to eat, supermarkets and shops. It is basically like being in Brasil.

I have a friend who is half Brasilian and another friend who lived in Brasil for 10 I invited them to come along. We had so much fun and also it was kind of sad because it just made us miss Brasil even more!

We ate way too much and bought a lot of good food to bring home. It was fun because I bought some food that I ate everyday on my mission and had Dave try it! Not sure he liked it!

I wish I had taken more pictures but we were too busy having fun! 
Can't wait to go back!


  1. Nossa! Onde fica a rua? Tinha pao de queijo? Suco de maracuja? Coxinhas? Eu adoro a comida brasiliera!

  2. castor st...fica no northeast philadelphia! vamos la! tem tudo la...pode comprar qual quer coisa vc quiser. seriously let me know and we can get a group and go!