Friday, June 3, 2011

Our 5 Fav Things On Friday...

Here are some of our favorite things as of late...


We are obsessed with 24 Dave got me hooked on 24 during the last season. He has always been a 24 kind of guy and I never was interested. Finally one Monday night when there was nothing else to do, I caved and been obsessed ever since. Dave is just nice enough to buy all the seasons (he has already seen most of them) and watch episode after episode with me. I don't know what  I am going to do when I am finished! I can't wait for the movie to come out!

Rita's water ice! There is nothing better on a hot and humid day than water ice! It is so refreshing and they have so many flavors. What did I do without Rita's when I lived in Utah? I am finding that they are becoming popular and not just a PA thing anymore..Texas now has a few and so do more places along the East coast.

Hello! I can't live without Wawa!   I love 1/2 coke 1/2 diet...but it has to be from here. I am hooked.  It is really sad that I am friends with the workers.  I told them yesterday that I plan on stopping this addiction soon. They said they will be will I! I have got to stop!

We LOVE this place!  I think we go there like once a week. I found the cutest canisters there last Friday while we were in Rehoboth...we didn' get them because we thought they would have them near us...we were wrong! We went to three different locations on Monday searching for them. No luck! Oh well! We may have to go back to Delaware! We find some really cool things here and always get stuff on clearance!

Going to the GYM!  I swim while Dave runs! It is great. I actually really like swimming now and have become friends with the other swimmers. I don't feel stupid anymore with a swim cap on! Dave makes me jealous with all the running he does. We actually ran 5 miles together on Monday..I am not allowed to so don't tell!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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