Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our engagement year later!

I was so anxious for this day...
I knew it was coming and you see, I hate surprises. I like to know absolutely everything..I think it is the A.D.H.D. in me.
My husband is the opposite. He likes to surprise me with everything. I guess all of the surprises and ruin it. I should like them by now but I don't...
I didn't like surprises back then either..back then as in when Dave asked me to be his forever...

I met his parents and he met mine. He even asked my dad if he could marry me.
The only thing missing was the ring shopping.
I was never one to really care about my wedding or anything to do with weddings. My dream ring was..well I didn't really have one but I did like pearls.
That was not going to cut it with Dave. He is all about going above and beyond...
This is when we started ring shopping together.

We went everywhere. We looked and looked.  We went "looking" at least 3-4 times a week. I guess I was more interested in the ring than I thought I was. We were ready to just chuck it when unexpectedly one Saturday I fell in love with 2.
I told Dave to decide and surprise me (we know I hate surprises and I really liked one more than the other) ...he said no pick one now!
I of course did!
It was a designer setting so t had to be custom made and ordered to fit in the meantime he bought a pearl ring.
He actually bought it while I was with him! Duh! This made the waiting even more difficult!

I was so obnoxious! I kept asking Dave when he was going to pop the question! I would say things won't be a good day for you to ask me or this is not romantic enough to ask me...
Of course this made Dave even more nervous and me more anxious!

On Sunday, June 13 Dave finally asked!
I went to my ward and he went to his.
I met him at his place for dinner.
After we ate he gave me a card and told me not to open it for 15 minutes.
He left and said he would see me soon. I knew it was happening. I was freaked out..I was in my pjs with no makeup and greasy hair! I was not looking so hot!
I opened it as soon as he left. It was a love note with a clue on it that led me to the next note....and the next and next and the next.
He was making me go all over creation. I went to different places that meant something to us and found love note after love note.
The last one led me to...oh you know who!

He looked so cute. I met him on a trail that was behind his house and that we always went running on together.
He told me that we can't see the entire trail and don't know if it is hilly or what but we can run it together.
Just like our life together...we don't know what is in store for us and can't see but know that we can do anything together.
He continued to say some more lovey dovey and sappy things to me..
Then of course he asked me to be his forever!
I of course said NO! ..I reallly did but then said I was kidding and yes!

I am so lucky to have Dave in my life. He is so sweet to me. He rubs my feet at night, tickles my back until I fall asleep, makes me dinner, cleans the house, does the laundry, goes grocery shopping, and most importantly treats me like a princess.
I sound like such a lazy wife! I do things too..I promise!

He has changed my life forever and I couldn't be more grateful!

We had our friend Michelle Leighton do our engagements. Check out her blog!
We had them done in downtown Philadelphia at Boathouse row near the art museum!
Here are some of our favs!

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