Monday, June 13, 2011

My husband is becoming a housewife.

This is probably going to be cheesy but oh well!

I have been so stressed out lately with work, and getting ready to take my test. I have been busy non-stop.
I have been having major anxiety and waking up at like 4:30 every morning just thinking about all I need to do and accomplish..but then I can't get the motivation to do anything!
It is a really bad combo!
I also started a new job and still doing the nanny thing. I am working on the weekends which leaves me no time to clean, cook, do the laundry or grocery shopping.
It is times like this that make me remember why I married Dave.
He has been so kind to me and so helpful.

I came home on Saturday to find the house cleaned, grocery shopping done (and he got some really good things, laundry cleaned and put away, and dinner on the table. How sweet is that?
This did not just happen one also happened last weekend!

Dave rubs my feet every night, tickles my back until I fall asleep and did I mention that he also carries me to bed?
I have realized since I have been married that men really do need women and women really do need men. I never thought this before. I was so independent and used to doing everything on my own since a very young age that I just never knew any different.

Men need women to remind them that they need to brush their teeth, and make them food and help them look good. They need us to help them to be more understanding, more sensitive and caring. Sometimes men just don't get it.

Us women need men to help us in a lot of ways. We need them to help us accomplish our goals, be more humble and of course help us not to gossip ( or just listen to us gossip to them )...
They are handy and can take care of stuff around the house or fix the car.

 I am grateful to have my husband. I am grateful for all the little things he does for me. He makes me want to be a better person. He is so sweet and caring.
It has meant the world to me how he has stepped up and really done a wonderful job and taking care of our house and being there when I have needed him the most.

I also think it is so nice that he comes to my work and eats lunch with me in the car. He spies on me too! It is kinda creepy but romantic at the same time.

Ok..I am done yacking about Dave and being cheesy. I just want to remember this moment in 30 years from now when I may think he has never helped! LOL

Good news is..I am taking my test in a week so things should get better..and no more energy drinks!

Can you believe our one year wedding anniversary is in a couple of months already!

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