Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Take Me Out To The ...

Reading Phillies game!

Going to the Reading Phillies game was totally different than actually going to see the PHILADELPHIA PHILIES play... and a lot cheaper...(we love our team though)
but, it was so much fun.
They did all kinds of cool things throughout the night.
They did a raffle and gave away 3 cars...they were all pieces of crap! That was the fun of it was called..pimp your ride. That was entertaining and a part of me wanted to win! ha ha

The best part was the firework show at the end of the game! That was awesome..they were really cool fireworks!

Dave and I are going through this stretch were we are so busy and not getting enough we have been forgetting to have fun. It was a great date night and good to get out of the house and take our minds off the things that are stressing us out!

DUH...I forgot to mention that they won!

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  1. What a fun date! And the pictures look amazing!!!! I hope life is getting less crazy for you and you are able to enjoy things more! I've been thinking of you!