Monday, August 22, 2011

Once upon a time...

there was glass in my face...
and it was there for 6 yrs.

I was in a car accident 6 yrs ago. Someone hit the passenger side ( I was driving ) ..the glove box hit my face, knocking my out. I woke up in the ER to find that I had gotten stitches on my face. I was a little sad but grateful that it happened where it did and didn't do any damage to my eye.

This happened out in Utah, while I was there visiting. A few days after it happened I came back to PA and decided I would take the stitches out by myself.  So, I did.

It never healed right. I have always had a weird bump, bruise, scar or whatever on my face. It has always hurt if I slept on it wrong or accidently bumped it. I figured it was because I took the stitches out and maybe didn't take them out the right way.

So a few weeks ago, I noticed something white underneath the scar. I thought it was pus or something. I started picking at it, and nothing. The next day I woke up with a scab. A few days after that, Dave went to kiss me and I turned my head (who does that to their husband)..and he ended up kissing (bumping) my scab area. It then started gushing with blood and I started freaking out. It ended up scabbing even more ...or so I thought.

I finally decided to go to the Dr and see what was up. I explained to her what had happened 6 years ago and that I thought that there was still a stitch under my skin. She said that it was very doubtful but asked if the windshield had broke in the accident because the scab looked like glass. I was shocked but knew that the windsheild did break so it was a possibility. She took a closer look and indeed it was a chunk of glass! She numbed my face and stithced me back up and now I am all better!

I am so happy to have finally solved the mystery of why I always had a bump on my face and such a weird scar!  My face looks the best that it has looked in 6 yrs and that I am grateful for!

ps - it really was a chunk of glass. I am still in shock!

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