Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Temple trip with some mexican food on the side

Dave and I went to the DC temple on Friday. It is always so striking as driving on the highway......

Going to the temple is kinda hard when you live 2 1/2 hrs away from it. It ends up being like a day trip. It is totally worth it but hey, I will be honest..I can't wait for the Philadelphia temple to be done! It will be so weird to be able to go to the temple whenever and even during the week or at night!

Whenever we go to the temple, we always stay in DC for the day and eat somewhere fun.  On Friday when we went we had the wonderful experience of Cafe Rio...yes, that's right - they now have a Cafe Rio on the east coast! It was so good. It was also a little funny seeing other people in there that were obviously mormon..they were wearing their BYU shirts. I bet it gets a lot of bussiness from us!
It was totally worth it! They will have to get a Cafe Rio here in Philly before the temple is finished because we won't have an excuse to go there anymore!

I think Dave really enjoyed it! It is so funny because before he met me he never ate mexican food. Now, we eat it all the time..well that and pasta (he is Italian)!!!


  1. We were just in Philly by the temple site. Can't wait! The last time I was at Cafe Rio was on the RS trip and we recognized some people from the temple - too funny!

  2. Oh, the pictures look delicious! I'm so glad that you got such a good camera for such an important subject....yummy! ;)