Monday, August 29, 2011

Irene's Visit

Hurricane Irene hit us on Saturday night into Sunday morning. I will be honest with you..I didn't think it was that big of a deal. The weather people always make every storm out to be like SO BIG when really it is not at all. I had to laugh on Friday when I went to the store...They were out of water, bread, and batteries..even Costco. Like seriously? I mean, it is fine to be prepared  but come on people! This is why it is always good to have this stuff on hand regardless of the weather outside. It made me grateful to have emergency kits (well, we kind of have them..but gradually building them up), water, and tonz of food (good thing our power didn't go out).
They closed the mall at 5 pm on Saturday before the storm even arrived. That is how crazy people are. I made Dave go to Walmart with me late Friday night just to take pictures of all the empty isles and to get a good laugh.

So, Saturday as the storm began, they started announcing tornado warnings in Delaware and Maryland. This freaked me out! I hated living in Texas for 8 long years and always losing sleep over the warnings. Anyways, I told Dave that we would be next to have a tornado warning. He was like- yeah right! Well, we did! This was scary, although we figured it wouldn't hit us. It is still always good to be safe. It is a good thing that a few months back after that horrible tornado in Missouri happened we talked about what we would do if we ever had a tornado and where we would hide out. Well, we cleaned out the closet where we ended up hiding out earlier that we had plenty of room down there (it was in our basement).

Well, we are safe. We lucked out. We had no tornado, no flooding and no power outage. I am grateful that we were at least prepared. It is sad at the damage Irene did do. A lot of people around us got flooded out. I mean flooding that I have never seen before. It makes me so sad for them. So many houses destroyed. I think me and Dave now know where NOT to move one day.:) The city I lived in before we got married is under water ( street).

Here are a few pictures of flooding near by. I hope everyone stayed safe!

We have now experienced an earthquake, hurricane and somewhat of a tornado all in one week! Granted, non of which were really bad!

PS..One thing that made me laugh- we filled up our bathtub in case we needed extra water for plumbing, and when we woke up the next morning, I went to check on it and in was empty! So much for that idea! Looks like we need a new drainage system!

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