Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sometimes we don't know why things happen in life until they happen...

As I have mentioned before I have had issues with my foot for 2 yrs now. I have been to see a lame Dr. who kept feeding me the same crap..oh, come back in 2 months, come back in 6 months and if it is not better we will do surgery.! I was sick of spending money on orthodics, cortisone shots, etc.
I was in search for a new orthopedic specialist. I found one downtown but there was a 6 month waiting list. I was so stressed. My foot was in constant pain and effecting my everyday activities...

Over the summer I took a very part-time  job doing makeup. I didn't really know why I did. I had a job..although, I lucked out becaue the kids were in camp and they didn't really need me (last summer it was the sane..but I was planning (helping Dave) a wedding so I didn't have time to work full-time) . 

I began my job and quickly became friends with my co-workers. One day I went in to work and started limping around. My foot hurt so bad! My co-worker asked what was wrong. I explained to her what I had and how frustrated I was. Well, she had another job - she works in a Doctor's office ..a pediatric orthopedic office. She understood what I was going through! To my surprise, she helps the orthopedic Dr. I was trying to go to. She said she would make a call and get me in sooner than 6 months.

 I began thinking my foot would never get better. The Doctor's office called me the next day and got me in a week later! Seriously, isn't that awesome!?! I was so excited and began to have hope again! :)

The Dr. was so awesome and did things with my foot the other one didn't do. He also is having me go to physical therapy. This has been a huge blessing. My foot is almost all the way better. I have a month left of PT and hoping for the best. I thought I was going to have surgery or something. I can now run...get ready..a half a mile! I am only allowed to run  that far as of now. It is weird to be pain-free for most of the day. I have not taken advil in such a long time. I seriously am so grateful.

I quit the makeup job in August and I realized that I was meant to have the job for a reason. I was meant to meet Shelly so she could help me go to the Dr. and get my foot better. Dave and I have prayed so much for my foot. It has been a serious issue for such a long time. I thought that God wasn't hearing me. I thought maybe this foot thing was who I was. 

My mind obviously changed and I realized that he does hear us and things end up better than one could think.  I didn't know why I took that job...until after I quit.


  1. What a blessing Nanette! Thank you for sharing this experience of the tender mercies the Lord gives us. I am so happy for you.

  2. That is awesome! Want to know something funny. My moms name is Shelley and she is an orthopedic nurse. She is always helping people get into orthapedic specialists sooner.