Saturday, November 19, 2011

Our lives lately...

  • Consist of going to Pottery Barn at least twice a week and then not buying anything (we even have a $100 giftcard).
  • Eating lots of mexican food.
  • Drinking lots of 13 cups a day. Who does that?
  • Swimming instead of running.
  • Drinking lots of yummy herbal tea. Our new fav is sugar cookie.
  • Going on lots and lots of walks.
  • Soaking up this beautiful fall weather.
  • Doing crafty things...I will post about that stuff later.
  • Watching way to many episodes of Friends and New Girl.
  • Getting told I look like Zooey Deschanel on a daily basis.
  • Spending lots of time with Dave's family.
  • Dave went to California and I stayed home and got lots of stuff done.
  • We are so excited for the holidays.
  • Dave has Black Friday all mapped out and I am so excited about it (not really..he wore me out last year)...
  • We have started looking at houses and are very excited about this!

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