Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lump on my foot...

I have had this weird foot problem for almost 2 1/2 yrs. It was getting so much better and I even started running. I talked more about this in this post. Anyway...I discovered a weird lump on my foot a few months ago. I mentioned it to my physical therapist and she didn't think it was anything except for maybe a tendon that decided to pop up. I was like cool!! grew and started hurting.  My foot stopped getting better. I got all worried again about my foot.  I was wondering why it wasn't healing. I was wondering if it would ever heal. I was afraid to go to the doctor about the lump because it really hurts and I  didn't want bad news or maybe no news at all. I had to switch doctors again which was a good thing...

(gross right?)

This doctor was awesome. He sat down with me and explained everything that was wrong. When he looked at the x-rays he noticed that I also have arthritis which is causing more pain on top of the plantar fasciitis. He was smart and ordered an MRI just in case there are some minor stress fractures. The lump is a cyst and can be drained and is most likely benign. I am actually relieved to have some answers now. Even though I am not very excited about the MRI, I am happy to have it done and to see what all is going on with my foot. 

The bummer is..I am not allowed to do any type of exercise except for swimming. This is a huge downer for me. I am trying to remain possitive about it though. I know the more I stay off of it the sooner it will heal.

I am grateful to even have a body that functions and to be able to see, hear, smell, touch and to at least have feet!


  1. Hi..and yes, it's gross! Way too young to have arthritis! Tried all of the numbers that I have for Gene...none worked. His son Greg is anxious to talk to him.

  2. I'm sorry Nan hope your foot feels better soon!