Monday, October 13, 2014

Dri turns 2!!

We were so excited to celebrate Dri's bday! Dave had a work trip that he left for on the 13th so we did as much as we could on Dri's actual birthday. 

We started the day by getting donuts! We then left for a bounce house in oaks.. We figured Dri would love it bc she did when she was 1. Well we drove the 40 minutes there .. As soon as we got there she puked (stupid carsickness) .. Then she Ended up HATING the bounce house! Lol so we left and went to an old playground we used to go to when we lived down that way. 

We stayed there for 2 hours! She had the best time. It was the perfect park for her. 

We then decided to run to the mall while we were in the kop area.. We also stopped by babies r us. Then dri napped while we drove home. She usually naps longer but she was just so excited! 

As I was vacuuming I said to Dri.. Go downstairs and wait for mommy and then we will open your gifts .. She's normally not quiet so when all I heard was silence I knew something was up. I listened for a minute and could hear paper ripping .. Me and Dave went downstairs and dri had opened up all her presents! Lol she had the biggest grin on her face!! 

We then went to the playground and a small walk.. Dave went to get pizza and our friends Nicole, Chris and tanner came over and then the Hansens. 

Dri we love you so much! May this year be better than last! :)

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