Monday, October 13, 2014

Hives and 2 year check up.

So Dave left for his trip on the 13th.. The day after Dri's bday.. So The next day was a Sunday. I was sick with some sort of a stomach bug and was just exhausted! So I laid down with dri while she napped . I noticed as soon as she woke up how warm she felt. So I went to change her shirt and noticed she was covered in hives! Head to toe. Poor thing. I of course freaked out. I called the pediatrician and gave her Benadryl. They ended up going away within an hour thank goodness! 

While in nursery she ate a cookie.. So I called Tina and found out they had walnuts in them! She never had eaten them before. She ended up getting the hives again on wed too. The pediatrician wanted to run test. So that we did.

We waited until her 2 year check up which was last week.. I talked to dri about this for a few weeks. We practiced and played with her doctors kit. We got to the dr and she opened her mouth for them, took deep breaths and then didn't even cry when she got 2 shots!! We then had to go to a lab to get blood work for her allergy test. She didn't cry then either! Only when they put the bandaid on! Lol I was seriously so proud of her.  We celebrated by getting her a slice of pizza and let her have some ice cream after lunch. 

Oh and btw- dri weighs 22 pounds and is 32 inches. Just a tiny peanut! We are also having a speach therapist come
To our house to help dri. I needed speach from when I was 3-10 and Dave needed it too. I hope she catches on fast and we won't need it more than a few times. 

We are still waiting for the results so I hope they are good. Poor thing! 

It looks like she's missing half an arm in the pic! Lol

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