Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Our little man is here!

Dominic came on his due date! I thought the day would never come. I had been having contractions almost nightly for about 2 weeks before he came. They would be about 6 minutes apart and last for about 5-6 hours.  At my 37 week appt I was not dilated or effaced.. then at 38 weeks I was 1 cm and 50% effaced. 2 Doctors swore I would not make it to 40 weeks. Well, they were wrong. 

The last month was rather challenging. I was in constant pain. I could not get comfortable for the life of me. I complained far too much. I will say, Heavenly Father was sure trying my patience. It took me until Thanksgiving to change my attitude. I prayed for help and tried to listen to uplifting messages on lds.org. This helped tremendously. It made me feel at peace. Me and Dave prayed and prayed that Dominics arrival would all work out.. like the timing of it. We were worried about Dri, how fast I would have him and the amount of time it would take to drop Dri off at my in laws and then drive to hospital. 

On Sunday, Nov 30, 2014..  i was up the entire night prior with contractions. We still made it church though.. anyways after church and before Dri's nap,..Dri said 'Daddy, mama blessing".. its like she knew i needed a blessing and was miserable. so dave gave me a blessing and then Dri said.. "daddy, I-ya blessing".. so dave gave her one too..and asked heavenly father to bless her to be a good big sister and to be understanding of the changes that would come.

 Later that night, I decided to go to the gym and run,,just to see if i could get the contractions to stick.. i had an appt the next morning and was not wanting to go ( i knew they would schedule an induction bc i would be 40 weeks).. so i ran about 1.5 miles and walked about a mile. 

Well, around 8 i started having painful contractions.. they did not ease up. me and dave did not know what to do... i mean with dri, my contractions eased once we got to the hospital and we did not want that to happen again. we prayed that we would make the right decision. So, around 2 am when they were 4-5 min apart we decided to load dri up and go to hospital. the whole drive all i could think about was it was my last time with just dri ..i held her hand the entire drive.. she did fine though.

We arrived at hospital around 430 am. of course my contractions eased up.. i was so upset. the nurse said.. we will monitor you for 20 min then prob let you go home. i was determined to not go home.. i mean then i would have to turn around and drive back for my appt later that morning, dave would have to go to work and i would have gotten no sleep. After monitoring me for 20 min the nurse, jeanette (she was the same nurse who help deliver dri) said the babys heartbeat kept dipping and they would need to continue to monitor it.. even though my contractions were pretty much non exsistent.. she came back in awhile later and said she was going to call Dr. Gilbert before sending us home.. in the meantime i was cursing at dave and did not want to leave without a baby. btw- i was dilated to a 3 and 60% effaced.

Minutes later, Jeanette and Dr. Gilbert came in.. Dr. Gilbert said they were concerned with Dominics heartbeat and said it could be caused from..the cord maybe being wrapped around his neck or another body part or low amniotic fluid and at this point he was better out than in.. so they wanted to start me on pitocin.. which i was always against.. but at this point i was so worn out and done being prego so we agreed. to our surprise before they started the pitocin i dilated to a 4 and my contractions started up again.. 

They started me on pit around 7;30-8. i dilated to a 5 1/2 and 90% effaced within an hour.. then decided to get the epidural so we could both rest a little ( we did not sleep the night before).. around 11 I told the nurse I could feel pressure.. i mean, once I dilate to a 6.. i go fast. So she checked me and i was an 8.. oh and the nurse was mary beth...about 1130 I said you need to check me again.. she went and got dr stuck who was now the dr on call.  she had a scheduled c section at 12 and they wanted to see how far i was before she did it. so she came in around 1135 and said i was a 10 and ready to go.. so she said do a practice push.. and a bunch of amniotic fluid went all over her.. so she had to change her clothes.. lol well, then it was go time. dominic came out in 2 contractions. i barely pushed! he was born at 11:51 am.

They immediately placed him on my chest. It was the sweetest moment. i will never forget it. He was so sweet and made me forget all the pain he caused the last month. When they finally weighed him i was in complete shock that he was 7 lbs 10 oz! no wonder why i was in pain..he was big for my body.. i only gained 10 pounds my pregnancy. so yeah we were shocked. 

Dr Stuck was awesome. I really had a wonderful experience. I have to say, this time was better than last. God had a huge hand in it all. The timing couldnt have been any better. 

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