Thursday, January 1, 2015

Allergy and speech update

So we went to the allergist last Friday.. Yeah such a waste! We had to drive all the way to king of Prussia only for them to tell us she has no allergies. The darn lab totally screwed up... And they are paying us back the 50 dollar co pay. 

They did test her for tree nuts just to ease our minds.. Dri is an angel and never cried. We ended up meeting up with pop pop for lunch so that was a plus! 

We are very relieved she has no allergies.. Just sensitive skin. 

So, the speech evaluation team came
Today. They said 99.9% of the people they see need speech and 1% doesn't.. Dri is in that 1%.. They were confused why they even came. I mean dri isn't the best of talker but she does just fine. 

I feel so relieved. 

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