Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Meeting Dominic

Dominic, meeting you was such a sweet experience. i always get excited and anxious to meet my babies and it makes me push so much better. i Just want the kid out and in my arms. as soon as you came out, they placed you in my arms and on my chest. you were screaming so loud as they suctioned your mouth. then you stopped crying as you looked up at me. it  was like you knew who i was! i fell ij love with you instantly . 
daddy also fell in love with you. it is hard not to. we both could not believe how blue your eyes were and how light your skin was. 
Dri loved meeting you. I think she was in shock.. she couldn't get over how real you were. she kept wanting to hold and kiss you. it was the sweetest thing. you for sure have the best older sister around.
look at your cute face.
More kisses!! i am not joking about it either!

when daddy took dri back to mom mom and pop pops it was just you and me. it was really good bonding time.. i nursed you around 11.. right when i knew the nurses would take you-- because we wanted to leave within 24 hours they needed to do test on you and i was so tired from not sleeping in 2 days. so the nurse got you around 11;30 pm and brought you back crying around 1;30 am.. the second i held you you stopped.. and would not nurse. so i tried to get you to nurse for 20 more minutes and the nurse was like i will just take him ... he will eat when he is hungry. so i handed you back and you started crying again!! so i took you back and you stopped. it was funny. the nurse was like he for sure knows who his mommy is. 

the next morning daddy and dri came... we did your photoshoot and circumicision. then we left around 2.. daddy took you to meet pop pop ( he could not leave the house due to his heart surgery) then we all came home. it was a rainy day! but, we made it! 

being home was where it all felt more real! we love you!

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