Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Things I want to remember about pregnancy

My pregnancy with Dominic was totally different than Dri's . I was sick from the very beginning and until I was about 33 weeks. I was lucky enough that I was able to stay in shape and exercise almost every day throughout my pregnancy. I had quite the routine going on. .. Even until the very end. Dominic's kicks and movement was also different injuries. He just felt huge. I could see his elbows and knees and feet poking out from both ends of my stomach almost every day. knew that Dominic was going to be much bigger than dri  because of how much pain I was in towards the end.  i never had any real cravings.. except eggs for the most part made me gag. he was most active at night. it was like he knew when i was relaxing and would just kick away. 

contractions started with him at around 38 weeks . they were horrible and almost daily at bedtime. they would last for hours. that was why it was so tricky to know when they were the real deal and when we really needed to go to the hospital. i would say it all worked out! you are here safe and sound and that is all that matters. 

This must have been towards the end. i am not sure exactly though bc my phone lost everything on it and this was from photo stream. for sure felt like i was in good shape and looked better this pregnancy than last. 

oh and i thought for sure i would get stretch marks and i didn't!! Thank you for being so good to me!

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