Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dominic is 1 month!

the second kid really goes by fast! I can't believe dominc is already 1 month old. he is such a sweetie.

we have a pretty good system going. we get up around 730 everyday and go to bed around 930 at night. it has been working out for us quite well. you are a great baby. rarely cry. you cry when you are hungry have a poopy diaper and of course when you are gassy!!! you are a gassy baby. haha i give you gas drops almost every night. poor thing taking after you sister already! 

we had your 1 month check up on 1-5-15. we saw a  new pediatrician. we liked him a lot! you are  
10 lbs 7 oz already and 21" all in the 50%ile. so you are growing wonderfully. the dr said to keep nursing you the way I am! made me happy.. he also said i was being too paranoid and that taking you out in public is ok.. just not to church. i was relieved because we had to go to target after the appt (daddy was out of town) and get diapers and wipes. i even nursed you at the starbucks! it was overall a good day and experience. so we are for sure getting out of the house more! 

we survived the first month!! its only uphill from here!

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