Wednesday, May 27, 2015


When we first moved into our house there was an old nest above the porch light. we sorta got rid of it and we never had any birds come. Well, a few months ago the nest was back.. a bird was there! I popped up to see if there were any eggs and there was 1! I was so worried th egg would fall bc the nest didn't seem so sturdy. 

Watching the bird care for the egg was so cute. One day, Daves dad came to put up a new mailbox and the bird got scared a flew away.. Not far though. He went from one neighbor to the next to our roof and back and forth watching the nest. She got used to me and started staying in the nest if I went out the front door. 

A few weeks later we saw the baby bird! She just stayed there with it. So cute. They lasted about a week or two then they just disappeared. We were going to clean the near up and guess what? She's back! Lol she must have missed us! I can't say I don't blame her! 

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