Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Dress up

Dri is OBSESSED with clothes and shoes. She changes her outfits like 5x a day. Ahhh! She loves dresses and shorts. She begs to wear dresses.. And if it's cold out she says "meemy, Iya wear tights"..  I mean how do you say no to that?! Lol

We were at Walmart last week and We stumbled upon dress up shoes.. Now, I had been wanting to get some for her but didn't want to spend more than 10 bucks! These were a whole 3! Lol I said to Dri.. We could get them bc they are only 3 bucks. We get home and I call my mom and tell her about the shoes.. And Dri says.. They were only 3 bucks! Lol too funny. 

Dri ended up running around the kitchen and jumping with them on bc she loved them and the sound they made. Later that day, she jumped off a stool and they shattered! Dave took her to Walmart a few days later and Dri asked for more. When Dave asked where they were she said "Iya forgot" lol! They found them and Dave bought hem. 

Dri is for sure a girly girl. It's Adorable and tiring at the same time. 

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