Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Memorial Day

We had planned to clean and organize the garage on Saturday. Well, dominic decided to sleep in until almost 10! When he woke i said to Dave lets just say screw it and take Dri to do something fun! So we packed up lunches and a cooler and went to a huge park! We had been wanting to take dri for awhile! It's ranked in the top parks in the country. 

It was literally huge! They have a nice walking trail, big castle park, bike trails, soccer fields, adult weight park, small park and lots of picnic areas. 

It wasn't too hot out and perfect! Dri had a blast. Dom napped 

We upgraded Dom to a convertible carseat and driving anywhere has been much better. So that has been a good thing. 

Came home, Dri wouldn't nap and Dom barley napped. While Dom napped Dri helped Dave organize the garage. 

When Dom woke we had dinner and of course went on a walk and back to the playground (not the big one! Just ours).

Sunday, was church as usual. We got there super late! Dom of course napped in the van with me.

After church we came home and took naps! Daves parents came up around 3 and we grilled and hung out. It's always nice having them come over. Dri loves them! 

They loved my grilling.:) 

On Monday, we i took Dom on a run and he napped.:) 

Then we packed up and went to the pool!!! It was hot and sunny! 

It was a blast!! We are so lucky the ymca built this and it's literally across the street!! 

We came home and had lunch and naps. When the kids woke we sorta hung out for awhile. 

Just chillin...Dri learning her alphabet and of course pointing that finger! She's hilarious!! 

We had more leftovers and guess what else we did? Went on a walk and to the park! Perfect ending to the weekend! 

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